Evans Construction & Design offers interior design services on a range of projects, from high-end residential interiors to commercial and retail design. Lori Evans is a certified ASID Interior Designer with over 20 years of experience and creativity in the field.

Interior Design Services

  • Home Redesign

  • Renovations

  • Commercial Work

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Confused about how the design process works?

Don’t be. Here are the 5 easy steps:


  1. Initial Consultation Typically, this takes place in your home or commercial space. The Evans team will meet with you and gather information about the project. We will ask questions about your lifestyle, needs, timelines, budget and more. This is a perfect time to show us photos, magazine clippings and anything you’re “dreaming about” for your project.  This meeting typically takes around one hour is charged a flat fee of $300, which will go towards the project’s design fee.
  2. Proposal After visiting your project space, the Evans team will begin preparing a proposal for you.  Just as each client is different, each project is different.  We will provide you with a few options for how your project might be handled. Some homeowners want to be involved in every detail and have time to shop around for great deals. Some homeowners want to simply see the presentation, tweak it, sign off and see the project when it is completed. We will offer options for both of these approaches and a few in the middle. This proposal will consist of budgets for any construction, furniture, accessories, custom pieces and design fees along with a timeline. We prefer to meet with you to go over this, but can email it if necessary. Once the process is finalized and signed off on, we will acquire a deposit and move to the presentation phase.
  3. Presentation This is the fun part! Space planning, color boards, fabric samples, paint colors, custom renderings and more will all be included in this overall plan. We will use the budgets and timeline agreed on in the proposal and work to get you the most bang for your buck. We are happy to present to you in whatever format you feel more comfortable with…digital or hard copies.  Once all the details are finalized we will move on to the ordering phase.
  4. Ordering and Construction All of the plans now go into action. Orders are placed, materials acquired and installations will begin.  If you are living in the home, we will work to keep the process as easy as possible for you. If furniture and accessories are being ordered, we will keep you apprised of their ship dates and timelines.
  5. Installation This is the stage where everything comes together. We will work to coordinate all aspects arriving in the tightest timeframe allowable. Furniture, accessories, custom pieces and finishing details will all set the stage for your new home!