Enjoy just a few of the many stories from our satisfied customers.

In November 2011 my husband and I purchased a home with the anticipation of remodeling the master bathroom and upgrading the living room area. This included installing 3 skylights and adding on an extended lanai off the small back patio.

After deciding to hire Phil Evans to complete the job, we soon realized it was the best choice we could have made.

Phil takes his time to plan each step with great care for our desired results. He consulted with us constantly and provided us with excellent ideas when we weren’t sure what we wanted. He also worked expeditiously and tirelessly until the job was complete.

When I asked Phil if he could design and build a walk in shower for our master bath from a magazine photo I had, he answered “yes”. The result was an amazing replica! Our friends and family were quite impressed! Even the lanai turned out even more grand than we imagined, and we truly enjoy our backyard now.

From start to finish, Phil’s work is outstanding. From making the difficult cuts for the skylights that even the roofers didn’t want to attempt, to designing the cover for the outdoor grill hood system, his expertise and skill is evident. We would gladly recommend his services any time!

Julie & Gary Ecker
Newberry, FL

Evans Home Building takes you all the way from design planning to a finished home of your personal style. Lori Evans excels in taking your ideas and creating a functional and beautiful home that suits the whole family. Phil Evans, on the other hand, is constantly on the job site working along side the crew to keep things going as planned. Phil is a builder who knows how to use a hammer, not just a cell phone.

Working within your budget, the Evans team is highly recommendable for any size family whether in need of a home remodel or custom home construction.

Jeff & Vicki Pigg
Jacksonville, FL